We have multiple solutions for every idea you might have

We help you, we come forward with a wide range of services



We offer web design services and we can create professional sites for all areas of activity.

We believe that our success depends on the success of our customers. Therefore we do not compromise on quality and the only way this can turn into reality is to grow your business using our know-how.

We help you regardless of whether you need an advice, a new site or just an update.

We develop custom apps for you

What is truly Important for us is that you know what you want. For example, you want to be online, or you want to be more productive. We’lle put together. on the paper. all the details, focusing on the end result: that YOU, our Customer, you’ll optimize your business, improve internal working workflows, be promoted in the virtual world, get better, provide quality, be visible.

We provide the know-how, the technology and our great team. No challenge is too big for us. We have developed applications of multiple frameworks, CMS and different technologies (CakePHP, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Prestashop, Magento, OpenCart, Moodle, Dokeos, eFront, and more), for different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android IOS), in different languages (PHP, Java, Javascript, XML, HTML, CSS, etc.).

We offer security and safety

Your business depends on technology and how it is used. Used hardware and/or software infrastructure has to be regularly maintained to eliminate security breaches and to ensure optimal performance of your employee activities.

We, LISAL team, we can help you to be constantly online, to have access everywhere to your information, using the latest software or hardware technologies, to secure your access to computers in the private network, basically to have control in terms of IT to your own business. Control that helps you to become more efficient.

Have brilliant ideas and you fail to put them into practice?

The experience of LISAL team members is available for you, to turn the most beautiful dreams of yours into reality. And not only by our developed applications that we can offer you. Inspire yourself from our project selection and lay the foundations of a great business idea.

Got a fantastic idea? We can help you to transpose it on paper, to maximize it chances of success. At the office, you colleagues or your employees say that they need to update their systems, in order improve their performance? We are able do an analysis of everything that you have, to upgrade your network and to propose solutions to improve your business.

We are building puzzles for you

Step by step, little by little, you’ve managed to do what you thought it would not be possible. To start your business, alone or in a team, to step forward in the great adventure that is called independence. Now your business is the center your activities.

You’ll constantly need support to combine the technology puzzle. We welcome your ideas and solutions. We offer everything that you’ll need: consulting services, software, systems integration, project management, technical support, outsourcing services. We can offer you all of these and more, that will give you a competitive edge.

Do you like what you see?

We promise that we will help you, we’ll to give you the most optimal solutions for business growth.

Suna acum!