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AdWords Campaigns

One of the most effective online promoting methods is the Google AdWords campaign. Profit is gained quickly.

If you already have AdWords campaigns, we can optimize them to increase sales at a cost per click even below  0.10 lei. Of course, the price per click differs depending on the online store and the strategy used.

If you do not have any AdWords campaigns in progress, we can create and track the progress of your campaigns based on your goals (traffic increase, sales growth, or low value per click, display campaigns, remarketing campaigns, etc.)

From out experience, we know that over 65-70% of the daily traffic of an online store comes from mobile devices (mobile phones). A well-optimized online mobile shop will add to daily sales. Nevertheless, these results do not come overnight. Therefore, a minimum of 6 months is required after the optimization of a site begins.

At any online promoting project, we offer FREE site analysis for mobile traffic optimization.

The most used campaigns are search-driven, which involves organizing your keywords, ads, and ad groups in an efficient way. But what do you do when the value of a click is over 1 leu and the investment is not amortized?

This is where the LISAL team takes control in optimizing all aspects of the advanced level (score quality, conversion rate, conversion tracking, negative words).

Another type of campaign is the one called the display by which users are tracked according to their interest in showing our ads. Also, remarketing campaigns involve tracking users who interact with the site and delivering ads.

What is the result of Google Adwords campaign?

  • Quick results, campaigns starting to be created in less than 24h after signing the contract
  • Increase sales
  • Increase traffic
  • Increase number of customers
  • Budget control

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Google Adwords Campaigns

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