Free website audit

Do you have traffic on your website but the number of conversions is low? Is the bounce rate high? Do you think you’ve done everything that’s possible and you have no other solution?

Call LISAL for a full audit. We identify problems and offer solutions.

Free website audit

Optimization of each website is a part of any business marketing strategy.

LISAL comes to with a professional audit tailored specifically on your activity of your online shop. Just fill in the form data, choose what you want to be audited, and you will receive the report within 72 h by mail. We’ll review all the relevant web pages, site-specific feeds, website security, mobile page optimization, and we’ll show you all the things that can be improved to level up your site performance.

The website will be analyzed by looking at several aspects:

  1. Page load speed
  2. Securing client-server connections by using an SSL certificate (https)
  3. Optimize pages to be accessed from mobile devices
  4. Check existing web feeds (order completion, add product to cart, …)
  5. Identify required mandatory elements on a website (ANPC, terms and conditions, privacy policy, …)
  6. Structured data for better Google indexing
  7. Sitemap

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Page uploading speed

The upload page speed is an essential element for a user to look for additional information.

The main pages of a website must be loaded under 7s but are recommended to load under 5s.

Check the upload speed of the pages for your website, for free here și here. Do you want to fix it and don’t know how? Call LISAL.

Audit viteza incarcare pagini website
Audit SSL

Installing and configuring an SSL certificate

Starting with January 2017, Google is penalizing all the websites which don’t have an SSL certificate, corectlly installed and configured (that is, the website should work on https). What does this thing mean? It means that the connection between your browser and server is encrypted and passwords can not be intercepted and with a specific program.

There are several types of certificates: Free (such as Let’s Encrypt) or paid. The difference lies in their notoriety.

Please check here if the SSL certificate is configured correctly. If you have any problems, contact the LISAL team.


Website optimization audit for mobile devices

In a world where over 70% of online shops traffic is made from mobile devices, pages need to be optimized to display the information correctly.

There are several elements to be verified, but first of all, the website and its theme must support the technology that makes this possible. That’s why it’s necessary for the website and its modules to be permanently updated.

You can check here if your website is optimized for mobile devices. If it is not optimized, you can call the LISAL team.

Audit optimizare website pentru dispozitive mobile
Audit fluxuri magazin online

Feed audit for online shop

Do you have an online store? Do you have traffic but there are few orders? What could be the problem (s)?

  • An account is hard to create in the online shop by asking for non-essential information.
  • There are errors in the order completion form.
  • It requires too much non-essential information for an order.
  • There is no authentication using the social buttons.
  • Cannot order using facebook or google account.
  • The process of identifying a product is difficult. There are no available filters in the website.

All of these may be some examples of problems in an online shop that could cause users not to complete an order.

Audit for identifying mandatory website elements

The website should not be a phantom type. The relevant legislation stipulates that information of websites’ owner should be available on any website.

Therefore, pages with information about the website owner, contact details, terms and conditions, privacy policy, shipping method, product policy, ANPC, payment method and any other items deemed necessary are mandatory.

You can contact the LISAL team to create texts for your online shop.

Audit identificare elemente obligatorii website
Date structurate

Structured data

In addition to standard SEO features like: title, metadata, description, additional elements have been introduced for better indexing so search engines better index the website. These elements are found in and the ones necessary for a website refers to the organization, website, product, review, breadcrumb scheme.

You can check if there are structured data in the website here. For an in-depth SEO audit, including competition analysis, please visit the SEO Audit section or ask for a professional service from LISAL team.

SEO Audit (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO audit is essential for a website. At any time, you need to know the keywords on your website and competitors’ websites.

In this section, check whether the website has standard SEO features: title, description, metadata, friendly URLs, structured data.

You can check if there are data structured in the website here. For an in-depth SEO audit, including competition analysis, please visit the SEO Audit section.

Audit SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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