We are a young and an enthusiastic team that helps materialize your great ideas into wonderful projects.


We are getting involved with all our willing in the fulfillment of what YOU, our customer, want. We listen and offer you the opportunity to translate your dreams into reality.


Who are we?

We are a company that provides consultancy in IT area and also software development that we are sure that your business needs in order to grow. We are always adapting our way of working and the way we approach the projects, so that we are confident that the solutions provided are according to your needs. We apply strategies and implementation modalities tailored to the nature of each project. Innovation and cutting-edge technology are for surely found in all implemented projects.

What do we do?

We offer software solutions and client-server applications to help your business growth by optimizing internal work processes, reduced costs, better visibility online or integrating applications in a centralized system of administration. Maintenance and outsourcing are our favorite activities. We develop custom software applications for companies both in Romania and abroad.


How do we do it?

In implementing a project we cover all of its phases: from analysis and development to quality assurance, implementation, training, technical support, maintenance and warranty. Thanks to a well defined methodology and experience of the project team, customer needs are optimally identified to provide the most suitable solution. We believe that good cooperation is the key to its successful completion.

Our developed applications and a selection of some projects that we are proud of, in which we have invested our constant effort, believing in their potential and their promoted ideas.


GESIMO is a complete application for managing associations of apartments/villas/etc owners, residential complexes and/or assemblies. It provides all the functionality required for such types of beneficiary: expenditure and documents management, generating monthly maintenance allowances, supports online payment, creates a standard apartment file and view, cash book, asset-liability situation, management of counters readings, supplier invoice management, fund management, etc.


Yconf is a performant web conference solution, system built over and around BigBlueButton. Using Yconf there can be easily done: users management, web conference sessions, desktop sharing much more interactive, group communication through chat, audio or video. It can be used in various areas: education system – through eLearning platforms, in a Human Resource department by conducting online interviews or in companies to facilitate discussions between employees across departments or geographic areas far away. Yconf opens a door for you, where geographical barriers are for sure, invisible.

We are convinced that no challenge is too great, no project too complicated and that we can not cope. We are aware of new technologies and we adapt easily. We have the trump of a well organized team with many years of experience. We know how to communicate with each other and with you, Our customer, and your goal is and will always be, ours as well!

Lucian OPREA

Manager, LISAL Expert

You are closer than you think to start a business, to revive or promote it.